Three weeks at the hotel: the long and expensive Hong Kong quarantine

Hong Kong (AFP) - Welcome to Hong Kong: its cuisine, its skyscrapers and its quarantine among the longest in the world ...Recluse three weeks, Lee Jung-soo has killed boredom by feeding social networks and playing the guitar with his soft toy.

In the last video she posted before leaving her hotel room, we see her removing with a nail clipper the electronic bracelet that had been put on her, like all the people arriving in the former British colony, to ensure that it remains within four walls.

"It's over, freedom!", Beams the South Korean.

In December, Ms Lee was about to depart for the semi-autonomous territory of southern China when airline staff informed her that local authorities had extended the mandatory quarantine from two to three weeks.And he was asked for proof of a three-week reservation at an approved hotel in order to get on the plane.

Claustrophobic, go your way! Hong Kong is renowned for its dense population and tiny apartments, and hotels are no exception to the rule of small: in most rooms the windows do not open and few have a balcony.

Ms.Lee, a business manager who came to rebuild her life in the semi-autonomous territory, did everything to keep her optimism.

No less than 70 posts in 21 days on Instagram: from photos of his breakfast to monologues on his dinners, through his videos of vocalizations and guitar with Teddy, his faithful plush.

In this experience of confinement, many, probably, would fall apart, but not Ms.Lee.

"You should not watch the news all day because it is not good to stay in this universe," she continues."You have to relax, take it as a vacation without leaving.

Posted Date: 2021-02-17

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